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Hosting a birthday party has never been easier

Hosting a birthday party can be fun and exciting, even with all the planning that is involved in making it a success. However, the one snag that can spoil the event is a terrible menu, especially if guests had to wait more than an hour to eat. A menu that fails to impress those you … Continued

Event planning and hosting made easy

When it comes to hosting an event for family and friends, there is always so much that you need to keep in mind and prepare for. You will need to handle the invitations and make sure they are sent out on time, find a suitable venue and hope that its available for your date, and … Continued

What to keep in mind when hosting a kiddies party

There is a lot to be done when you will host a children’s birthday party. You have to take care of the food and drinks, arrange the party packs and party decorations and of course make sure there is entertainment for the children. There is nothing terrible if you have no idea where to even … Continued

Must-have side dishes with spit roast pig

Getting together with your family and friends that you have not seen in ages is always a cause of celebration. And nothing beats catching up on lost time over a couple of drinks and a mouth-watering spit roast pig from Victorian Golden Roast. But to ensure everyone leaves your home with a belly full of … Continued

How To Ensure Your Buffet Is Balanced To Cater For All Tastes

Planning and pulling off a quality buffet is no small feat for function organisers. When it comes to Melbourne caterers, there seems to be a few out there, but it’s hard to know what to focus on when you’re looking for the best catering possible for your event. The buffet catering Melbourne hosts have access … Continued

How the Weather Can Dictate Menu Options

Weather in Melbourne is always an interesting factor to deal with. It also plays an important role in the organising of a function, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the catering menu. Melbourne function organisers cannot even begin to consider ignoring the weather in organising their function menu, and doing so can result … Continued

What You Need To Look For When Booking A Venue For Your Function

Finding an appropriate Melbourne venue is easily the most important part of organising a function, but also one that organisers regularly struggle with. A big consideration in this process is how suitable the chosen Melbourne venue is for the catering you’re planning. As food is often at the core of the event, you want to … Continued