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In order to cater for a function yourself, you need to spend days worrying about:

Buying sufficient food

Ensuring the quality of that food

Calculating the end cost



Cleaning up afterwards

Is it really worth all the stress? Why not have Victorian Golden Roast cater for your function? We ensure sufficient food for your guests and use only the best quality ingredients including MSA Grade Prime Yearling Beef, Lamb (not Hoggett) local Pork, La Ionica Chicken.

We hand make some of our food and that which we don’t make here in our kitchens, comes from only the best gourmet suppliers.

We can supply uniformed, well trained and courteous staff that will cook and serve your food.

What does this mean for you? A stress free, enjoyable function that won’t break the budget by sacrificing quality. How do we do this? Simply by being one of the larger caterers in Melbourne we can use our buying power to drive our prices down, and pass those savings on to you.