Hosting a birthday party has never been easier

Group of friends celebrating a birthday party

Hosting a birthday party can be fun and exciting, even with all the planning that is involved in making it a success. However, the one snag that can spoil the event is a terrible menu, especially if guests had to wait more than an hour to eat. A menu that fails to impress those you have invited can lead to a mutiny and a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Of course, the sour taste might have to do with the acidic build up after they had to wait until speeches are complete to have a bite to eat. If you want to avoid such a scenario at your birthday party, then taking care of the menu is of vital importance. Finger food catering Melbourne helps you a lot in this matter. 


Whether it is finger foods or a buffet, both are ideal for birthday party catering and will go a long way to please your guests. But first, you need to consider the venue where you will host the birthday party and find out if they permit external catering and at what price it will be allowed. Nonetheless, if the party will be at your home, then the decision will be made that much easier. Once that decision is made, you can select which kind of menu, between a buffet and finger foods, will best suit the theme of the party. A buffet consists of a station where the guests you have invited can help themselves to a selection of food in different dishes such as vegetables, meat, fish, curry and rice.


There will also be dessert served after the meal, but drinks are seldom if ever, a part of the buffet menu and come as an extra. A buffet works well with a more formal birthday party while finger foods might have the opposite effect. Finger food consists of bite-size food for guests and often includes easy and quick to make snacks such as sandwiches, chips, spring rolls, pastry rolls and sausage rolls among the selection. Finger foods are considered lighter and less expensive than a meal and is recommended for informal birthday parties where the snacks can keep the guests munching throughout the evening with no complaints. Whatever you decide, just remember that your guests are important but your happiness trumps all.

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