bride and groom in their wedding catering

Organising a wedding is stress because the to-do list is so long and nothing on it seems to be getting done. The last thing you want to spend unnecessary time sorting out is the menu. As far as you are concerned, everyone has come to the wedding to celebrate with you on the nuptials, and not have a fine dining experience. Meaning that the guests at the wedding will be more than happy to enjoy the bbq spit roast prepared to tantalise their taste buds. However, there are plenty of food choices that should not be made for a wedding:

All meat or vegetable

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegan or vegetarian, serving one kind of staple without a variety of choice is not becoming of the host. While you might favour a menu that favours one side or the other, to try and keep it balanced for the guests. Having a meat option or vegetable option is important.

Fried chicken or sticky ribs

Not fried chicken per se but any meals that are basic enough that your guests would cook in their homes as well. While the food does not have to be of high standard, but at least exciting enough to keep the guests pleased. And like fried chicken and sticky ribs, avoid basic food that will leave your hands oily and might mess with your outfit.

Keep it simple

However, just because basic food is not recommended, does not mean you have to have complex meals on your menu for guests. This is because a complex dish might take long to assemble and with hungry guests waiting, they will not appreciate the effort gone into the meal with empty stomachs.

If it’s alive or raw

This is a simple no. The guests should not have to look into the eyes of the animal they are about to eat so this should be avoided at all costs. This includes food such as sushi, even though it may be a favourite of the bridal couple. Other raw fish and raw meats including eggs are also to be avoided.

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