Event planning and hosting made easy

Elegantly arranged tables and decor for our catering event.

When it comes to hosting an event for family and friends, there is always so much that you need to keep in mind and prepare for. You will need to handle the invitations and make sure they are sent out on time, find a suitable venue and hope that its available for your date, and then there are the decorations inside the venue that will have to go along with the theme and there is the music and entertainment to take care of. And let us not forget about your outfit for the day which might need more than one fittings, and this takes time. So, in all of this, you may not have enough time to take care of other important items for the event you are hosting.


What is more important than the entertainment and decorations of the venue will have to be the menu and what will be suitable for your guests. With not enough time to take care of everything, you can opt for a BBQ catering which will delight those you have invited. This idea is helpful because you can leave all the hard work for the company you have hired. With the help of a catering company like Victorian Golden Roast, not only will you be able to serve mouth-watering MSA export grade meat and veggie burgers to your guests. Such a meal will be accompanied by white and wholemeal bread rolls with butter along with a choice of sauces that includes fruit relish, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce and seeded mustard.  


What makes BBQ catering pleasant is that it is much affordable than other catering options because the expenses of any event can and do escalate. So, this option will be great for your pocket. To save even more money, serving utensils, trays, plastic dinnerware and utensils will be included for free. However, dinner crockery will come at an additional cost. Why make the work of planning and hosting your special event that much harder when you can save money and time on event catering for your invited guests. You will thoroughly enjoy every second of your time together with family and friends, and you will not miss out on any fun details.


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