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Succulent Lunch Spit-Roast Recipe

So you have decided to spend your laid back Saturday or Sunday entertaining friends and family in an intimate get together. You have many ideas on how you want your get together to turn out. You have ideally put everything in place to make your day special, but when it comes to lunch catering, you … Continued

How To Open Your Own Catering Business In Three Easy Steps

Are getting in the kitchen and hosting dinner parties for your friends and family two of your favourite hobbies? Do your family and friends always turn to you when they need a lamb spit roast for holidays, functions, and events? Why not cash in that passion for cooking launching a lunch catering business? While there … Continued

Four Wedding Catering Ideas To Charm Your Guests

So you have decided to take that ultimate leap of faith, walk down the aisle and marry that one person that sets your soul on fire. It is exhilaratingly exciting daydreaming about how you want your special day, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling that your world is your oyster. However, planning an entire wedding … Continued

Errors To Avoid When Spit Roasting A Hog

For many, having guests come over to the house and entertaining them for hours is an exciting prospect. From preparing the games and fun activities to preparing the snacks and meal, others like to play host and take on the nurturing role. However, preparing a meal along with ingredients and tools can be a time-consuming … Continued

Must-Have Items When Hosting A Party

Summer is just around the corner, and that means blistering hot days and warm evenings. It means wearing cooler clothes, long walks on the beach and a happier atmosphere. This season is the perfect excuse to be with family and friends, some food and drinks, as well as music. However, hosting anything requires work when … Continued

Things To Consider When Choosing A Catering Company

So, you have been tasked with the responsibility of putting together an elaborate wedding reception or a formal corporate party. You are excited and relish the opportunity to show off your creative flair, it quickly dawns on that organising your event is a challenging uphill battle. Organising an event is an exhilaratingly exciting, yet overwhelmingly … Continued

Four Essential Tips To Help You Create A Custom Catering Menu

Catering is the most competitive cut-throat industry, with a significant number of caterers at loggerheads with each other competing for a big slice of the pie for themselves. It is an industry thriving on crafting a one-of-a-kind, custom experiences to bring a client’s dream to reality. Standing out from a myriad of caterers means you … Continued

Five Essential Lunch Catering Tips

One of the saddest things at work, other than not getting a salary increase, is saying goodbye to a colleague who has decided to pursue greener pastures elsewhere. While reminiscing about the good times you shared with them, you are approached by your boss to take care of the lunch catering for the farewell party.  … Continued