Corporate catering for corporate events

When it comes to businesses, there is always a reason to host corporate events. It can be a launch of a new product, partnering up with another company to the community’s benefit, expanding or opening new branches and celebrating a milestone. Such corporate events can take anything from an hour to half a day or the entire evening. While all of this takes place at a prestigious venue, an important aspect of such events is corporate catering. This is because if guests are at your event for more than an hour, they will need their batteries recharged. A healthy and balanced meal will ensure that your guests are not only full but also enjoy the taste of their food. With the assistance of Victorian Golden Roast, they will be able positively to showcase any companies image and reputation in front of their clients by providing scrumptious meals. For a company that has been trusted to deliver high-quality food and services for more than 20 years, there is nothing they will disappoint in. If you are wondering what another kind of business events you can organise corporate catering for then pay attention:  

Product launch

At product launch, what matters is the product itself. But as there media members and other professionals invited to the launch, having tasty food is important. At such an event, box lunches or buffets are ideal because they ensure the guests are happy without taking the focus away from the product being launched.

Theme events

It is easy to boost staff morale and have members getting to know each other without an abundance of alcohol. Coupled with light snacks throughout the day and a great menu, everyone will be happy. At such an event, finger foods are suitable during the event while a buffet is recommended as lunch with a variety of choices for everyone.


At conferences, breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone attending and have their living quarters near the venue. Because the logistics include tables and chairs, there will be an opportunity to enjoy box lunches, continental breakfast and buffet are also recommended for this kind of event.

You can receive great assistance from the Victorian Golden Roast for happy guests.


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