No need for an expensive wedding, here are simple ways to save money

Getting married is still one of the most important milestones any couple can reach in their long life together. But this milestone comes with a hefty bill at the end of it and you might have to pay it alone. So why spend thousands of dollars on a one-off event when you can save some money and spoil yourself on something more significant. Budget weddings are not a new concept and with enough planning and preparation, you can still have the wedding of your dreams without robbing the bank. How you may ask? There are plenty of items you could do without when it comes to a wedding.

These items on your to-do list may include a fancy venue, the most expensive photographer, designer brand of wedding dress and suit and that is not even half of the list. To save money, you can start with the menu of what you will serve at your reception. A cost-effective alternative to a three-course meal is a buffet that will allow for a variety of food at a set price and guests can return for seconds. Finger food catering Melbourne is a very better option in this regard. 

Another option of a menu is selecting a spit roast catering service available in Melbourne’s western suburbs to give your guests something to tantalise their tastes. When it comes to your wedding dress, it is no longer practical to spend vast sums of money on a dress that you will most likely wear once in your lifetime. With options such as hiring a dress from a reputable store or searching for one online, you will find the most suitable dress to wear on your wedding day.

Your partner can also opt to rent a three-piece suit online while your bridesmaids and groomsmen can either purchase their own clothing for the day or rent one alongside you. Another area you can save some money on your nuptials is the wedding venue. How? Well, there is the local recreation hall that you can decorate to perfection with the help of family and friends. There is also the option of hosting the wedding at the local park or botanical gardens to ensure that you are surrounded by nature. These are just simplistic yet effective ways to save yourself some money that can go towards your new home together.

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