Buffet? Family style or three-course meal? What to choose for your event

For most events you are planning, food is usually the first or second most important item on the list. Whether you are planning your own birthday party or one for the kiddies, a wedding celebration or a get together with family and friends, the menu is essential. This goes beyond than just deciding if you want a buffet or family style of serving the meals but also plated and cocktail style of serving. Whatever event you are planning, catering companies in Melbourne will help you feed and put a smile on your guests’ faces. Here are the essential styles to consider:


Presented in chafing dishes placed on tables, guests walk on each side and a staff member from the catering company will help you dish up what piques your interest. This gives your guests a large variety of food to select from and ensure everyone has their fill. And if you don’t enjoy a dish, you can simply put it to the side and try another dish. Nobody will be judged for going back for seconds and thirds. A buffet is suitable for a formal and informal type of event and will encourage your guests to mingle with each other.

Plated meal

For a plated meal, the guests will each be served a three-course by an expert waiting staff while remaining seated for the whole meal.  Although meal choices are limited between chicken, beef and vegetarian, everyone will get what they pre-ordered that will be prepared according to their specifications. This kind of service will allow one to control the costs and stick to the budget so there will not be an extra plate that is paid but with nobody eating from it.

Family style


This option is less formal than a plated meal but is still on a better standard than a buffet. What makes this style work is that guests will dish up for themselves from large dishes brought by the waiting staff. Everyone in the table will pass around the large dishes and they can help themselves as much as they want.

How you serve your guests is not important if they are well fed and are happy with the menu. For all these options and more, you can visit Victorian Golden Roast in Melbourne for a great menu.