5 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Hiring The Spit Roast Company Of Your Choice

It has been an uphill challenge for you to tick the most important boxes on your checklist when organising your event. You have booked the venue, arranged the décor, invited your guests and bought the refreshment. However, there is that one niggling question that will not go away, what are we going to eat?

One of the most challenging and tedious processes when organising an event is finding the best spit roast company who offers mouthwatering food and also covers everything you need. At first glance, many spit roast companies appear to be seemingly affordable, but a few questions can tear this façade apart as you realize they have a lot of hidden costs.

More often than not, you are not aware of everything you need until your event is well underway and you come to the realization of what you require. To help avoid such an embarrassing scenario, we have compiled a list of questions to ask the spit roast company of your choice;

  1. Do I Have To Stick To Your Menu?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly catering service, many spit roast companies have a pre-arranged menu. The menu has been cautiously compiled to cater for an array of occasions and taste preferences specifically.

However, some companies are rigid and do not deviate on their menus. It is essential to keep in mind that during peak times, tailoring menus can be difficult.

  1. Can You Cater For Special Dietary Requirements?

If the spit roast company you have chosen cannot cater to specific requests, it should be a red flag as a majority of companies can accommodate special requirements. It is essential to ask your guests to indicate when they RSVP if they have special dietary requirements. Getting this information will ensure you adequately cater to their needs. It is also advisable to check with your spit roast company what they can, and cannot provide.

  1. What Menu Do You Recommend?

You have some idea of the menu you want for your event, but it will not hurt to tap into the expertise and experience of the spit roast company you prefer on what they would recommend. They may have some menu ideas you have not considered.

The spit roast company you choose should also be able to offer you tips on options that are friendly towards your tight budget. It is essential to look for a company that is flexible and gauging their level of flexibility in working with your requirements.

  1. How Many Staff Will You Provide?

You will not want a scenario where your guests are left hungry for long a long period of time because the spit roast company you hired is short staffed. The amount of staff your event will have is dependent on whether your guests will be having a sit-down dinner, buffet style or finger food. Your venue is also a determining factor.

  1. How Does Your Pricing Work? Are There Additional Fees.

This has to be the most crucial question to ask. Some spit roast companies who have a lot of additional charges and it makes it difficult to know what they are before you confirm your order. When sourcing quotations, it is essential you ask what is included and not included including if there are any additional costs.

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