When To Call a Caterer (and you’re not getting married)

Most people hire a caterer for their wedding reception or reception dinner. And a quality caterer is a lifesaver when you’re organising an important business lunch. But did you know that you could hire a caterer for all kinds of parties and events?

You may not automatically think, “I need a caterer,” when you throw a party. In reality, a catering service is useful anytime you need to provide food or beverages to more than fifteen or so people. Hiring a caterer for those times can simplify your life and lower your stress levels.

Memorial Services and Wakes

Organising a funeral, memorial service or wake is one of the hardest things anyone can do. As you deal with your own grief, you also need to attend to other people’s mourning.

Contact a caterer during these times to make the grieving process easier and simpler for everyone involved. Many caterers have experience in these situations, so they understand what a delicate and sensitive time this is for you. Catering companies are also better prepared to serve large amounts of food and drink on relatively short notice.

Relying on a catering service for a loved one’s memorial service can relieve you of stress and allow you to be a better host or hostess to your grieving guests.


Some anniversaries are more important than others. How many couples do you know who’ve made it to their twentieth wedding anniversary? What about their thirtieth? Couples who have been together that long deserve a celebration of their love and life together.

Provide catering for your parents’ or grandparents’ big anniversary as a wonderful gift. It takes pressure off them to organize food and drink for their loved ones. It also puts their minds at rest—they know that everyone is happy. A caterer can take everyone’s food preferences, food allergies and other concerns into account.

Catering services are also comprehensive. Not only does a caterer provide food and drink, but the company will be able to provide wait staff to serve tables if you prefer a sit-down meal. The staff will also take care of clean-up. You won’t need to ask your cousin to wash dishes or stack chairs.

Sweet Sixteens and Bar or Bat Mitzvahs

Do you remember being a teenager? Do you remember how mature and special you felt? Well, there are certain teen birthdays that are special and need special celebrations.

Sweet sixteen celebrations and bar/bat mitzvahs are significant celebrations for your child. Your child will want to invite all their friends. And in the cases of bar and bat mitzvahs, you’ll want to invite family and synagogue members. This makes this particular party a large one.

A caterer can make your child’s party memorable. You can arrange for the caterer to make their favourite recipes and dishes. Imagine how your child will feel when they can share something they love with the people that matter most to them.

On the practical side, you know all the food is safe when you hire a caterer. Don’t risk food poisoning from food left out a little too long. Nothing could spoil your child’s party like upset stomachs and memories of bathrooms. A caterer will follow all food safety guidelines so your guests can enjoy the party.

Don’t Waste Time in the Kitchen—Hire the Expert

No matter what your occasion is, a caterer can save you time and money and help you enjoy your party. You can join your guests instead of worrying that the punch needs a refill. You can join your guests instead of worrying if the punch needs a refill. You may think it is cheaper to do it yourself, but it is very likely just the cost of the food you buy will be more expensive than what a caterer can provide. And this ignores the time you’ll spend preparing, serving and cleaning up.

If you or a loved one has a big event coming up, write down all your ideas and concerns to get started. Once you have some ideas, call your local catering company for answers to all your questions.