Use These 4 Tips to Create a Successful Product Launch Event

Do you have a new product you want to introduce to the world? A proper launch event will give you extra publicity and marketing opportunities to ensure its success. You will also have the chance to rub shoulders with important people within the industry and make connections that further promote your revolutionary idea.

Of course, merely having a launch doesn’t guarantee success. But if you apply the following four tips, you can enhance your launch party in the eyes of your guests and potential customers.

1) Define the Purpose of Your Product

What is the purpose of your product? Does it save time? Energy? Resources? Is it fun and unique or more serious and professional? Your launch event should ultimately encourage your guests to purchase or invest in your new product, so you want the tone and activities to match its tone and feel.

2) Create Attention-grabbing Marketing

If you want to impress your intended audience, create slogans and invitations that quickly summarize the product’s main value. Memorable catchphrases and alluring lettering can set you apart from your competition.

And don’t underestimate the usefulness of the media. Do what you can to make the event attractive to journalists:

  • Send invitations to the journalists closest to the field. Their favourable reviews will promote your product in industry specific magazines or widely read papers and websites.
  • Invite local and relevant bloggers. They can explain your idea to a niche audience.
  • Promote your event as a fun break or night out for of your guests. Give them multiple passes so they can bring friends and family. Advertise the type of catering to make people look forward to the experience.

3) Make Your Event Meaningful

Your guests need to have a good time at your event. Create an atmosphere that invites people to relax and enjoy themselves. Fun music, great food, and engaging entertainment will create positive associations with your product.

However, don’t forget to link your product to the activities, so your guests remember the purpose behind the event. For example, here are some helpful catering tips that will enhance the quality of your activities:

  • Offer delicious finger food if you have interactive exhibits. Clean finger foods give your guests more ability to test your idea but still enjoy something to eat.
  • Introduce multiple courses of food as you explain different benefits your product offers. The food will punctuate each idea and give your guests something exciting to anticipate.
  • Create themed treats or place settings that emphasize the overall purpose of the event.

4) Lead Your Guests to Action

Remember, the purpose of your event is to get your guests to act. You want them to buy and talk about your new product so it has a better chance of succeeding.

You can entice visitors to act with a strong take away message with the following techniques:

  • Give your guests a themed treat, a detailed brochure or a sharable flyer that encourages your guests to do something with your product.
  • Create a Facebook page or a Twitter hashtag for your guests to post comments and photos. They can catalogue their experience while boosting marketability.
  • Follow up with your visitors after the event to receive feedback. Use the feedback to make any necessary improvements.

The usefulness of your launch event rests on your ability to link the purpose of your product to the action you would like your visitors to take. Your messages and activities build the excitement of your guests until you are ready to give them your idea. Use our tips to design and plan the launch event that will propel you to success.