Should You Choose Finger Foods for your Wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding, you already have a million and one items on your to-do list. From finding the perfect outfit to mailing your guest list, the endless tasks make you feel constantly stressed as the wedding date draws closer.

Fortunately, when it comes to food, a catering company can reduce your wedding-related stress immensely. With your direction, caterers create and serve a menu of delicious foods for your wedding guests.

If you don’t want to plan a black-tie wedding dinner, choose a few simple finger foods from your catering company of choice to create a unique, memorable menu. In our blog below, we’ll tell you why so many couples choose catered finger foods for their weddings, and then we’ll name a few popular options that will help your banquet’s menu stand out.

Why choose finger foods?

Both catered sit-down meals and catered finger food buffets have their benefits. For instance, sit-down meals give your wedding celebration a more formal atmosphere. They also give guests more time to talk in depth with those seated at their table.

On the other hand, finger foods can give you the following advantages:

  • They encourage guests to move around the room and socialize with more people than just those seated at their table.
  • They complement the less formal environment of an outdoor or more casual wedding.
  • They allow you to offer foods that appeal to all your guests. For instance, you can choose both stuffed vegetables for your vegetarian friends and miniature meat pies for your meat-loving guests.
  • They often cost less than more formal dinner options without sacrificing quality.
  • They give your guests multiple snacking options instead of requiring them to choose between just one or two entrees or desserts.
  • If you’re not sure which type of catered food you want at your wedding, chat with your caterer and wedding planner. They can evaluate your budget and food preferences to help you create a delicious menu you and your guests will love.

Popular finger foods to consider

Most caterers offer menus based on your budget and food preferences. For instance, some caterers offer traditional Australian menus, which include items like meat pies, and others offer more exotic cuisine options, such as Asian-, Indian- or Mexican-inspired menus.

Whatever type of menu you and your caterer decide on, take the time to consider a few of these popular wedding finger foods:

  • Miniature meat pies: You can usually choose between meats like beef, lamb and chicken. Your caterer might also offer vegetarian options.
  • Sushi platters: An array of delicious sushi options can make your wedding stand out. However, remember that not all of your guests are comfortable eating raw fish. If you choose sushi, make sure you supplement it with other foods. Alternatively, make sure your caterer offers vegetable sushi rolls, like cucumber or avocado rolls, alongside the fish-based rolls.
  • Vol-au-vents: These savoury French pastries are a great alternative to heavier meat pies. Most chefs fill them with meat, fish or vegetables like asparagus, along with a creamy sauce.
  • Bruschetta: Traditionally, chefs make bruschetta by topping roasted garlic bread with tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. However, they can also top the bread with cheese, meat, beans or vegetables to create a more distinct snack.
  • Sliced or skewered fruit: Slices of rockmelon, honeydew and watermelon on toothpicks or skewers are nutritious and easy for guests to snack on.
  • Trifle: Don’t forget about dessert! Trifle served in individual shot glasses gives guests a dainty treat to enjoy before the wedding cake.

Still not sure which finger foods to add to your wedding day? Talk to your caterer about your possible options. With a little help, you’re sure to find something you and your guests will love.