How to Choose a Venue for your Next Company Conference or Party

Corporate events carry your company’s ideas through your industry and make you a thought leader for other professionals and businesses. But the quality of the event will determine whether it’s successful. One thing that contributes to a successful event is its venue. The right venue will set the mood for your event, make it appealing, and lead to future deals and collaboration.

How do you pick the right venue? We will explain what you should look for in a venue and what factors should influence your decision. Use our suggestions to plan your next corporate event and to make it a success.


The mood a venue sets needs to match the image of your company and the message of the event. If you want a classy, high-end feel for your event, consider a 5-star hotel. If you want an event centred on fun, consider renting out a stadium reception room (or even the stadium floor). Determine the activities you want at your event, and find a venue that best facilitates them.


The location and physical support facilities of the conference also add or take away from your event. You want to choose a venue that allows most of your target audience to attend. You should hold your corporate party near the office or in a place most employees can arrive. If you have a conference pulling in a lot of people from outside the area, a hotel near the airport would work better.


Of course, you need to find a venue that fits your budget. Check the rates and look for promotional offers. Make sure you can find all the hidden costs or gaps in services that the venue does not provide. With luck, you might be able to negotiate prices based on the size or purpose of your event.


The location’s amenities and added features can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your event. For example, hotel pools or lounges promote interpersonal contact and networking outside of planned activities. Your event will draw in more participants when you take advantage of available amenities. Plus, your participants will think better of the event and be more likely to attend another.


Aside from accessibility, your venue needs to have proper accommodations for your event. If you have a single day’s worth of activities, then you make sure the venue has good parking or perhaps even a shuttle service. If it’s a multiday conference, try and use the same hotel for your guests as your event or provide transportation to and from the venue to hotels in the area.


Food can make or break an event. You will want to see what catering options are available at every venue. Some venues provide their own food; however, you should consider a venue that allows outside catering. That way you can pick the exact type and quality of catering you want. If your event is being held in Melbourne, you have plenty of options. Spit Roast Caterers are great for that casual or less formal event, however if you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, then you should look into Finger Food catering – either a ‘standard’type of menu or perhaps even a Gourmet Finger Food option. It allows people to mingle, talk but at the same time satisfy their hunger pangs.

Also, make sure you can provide meals for conference attendees who have food allergies.

Technology Support

Your event attendees need to stay connected when at your event. Your venue needs to have the latest in technology support. That means strong Wi-Fi connections and charging stations. Your attendees will appreciate your event more if they don’t have to hunt for internet access or worry about a dead phone.

You need to be discerning as you plan your event. Make sure you balance aspects like accommodations, amenities, and cost as you look for venues. When you find the right venue, you take a large step towards creating a successful event. Read our other blog posts for further recommendations as you plan!