How the Weather Can Dictate Menu Options

Weather in Melbourne is always an interesting factor to deal with. It also plays an important role in the organising of a function, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the catering menu. Melbourne function organisers cannot even begin to consider ignoring the weather in organising their function menu, and doing so can result in the catering being a total disaster.

Italian Meatballs Slider IMGSo, exactly how does the weather dictate catering menu options? There are two core ways:


Melbourne is the city of seasons, sometimes so much so that they all show their face in one day! Yes, weather can be flexible, but seasonality can have a big impact on the availability of certain menu items in your catering, so it is worth considering. Embracing seasonally available produce items in your catering menu means you can save money and provide your guests with the best catering possible. Whether you’re having a spitroast with seasonally appropriate flavours and sides, or a finger food menu packed with seasonal specials, your menu is definitely going to be impacted by the seasons. In order to take the most advantage of this, choose a catering company that can adjust their menu for the seasons, using the highest quality raw ingredients in all the food that they serve. From spitroast to finger food, your guests should only be served a spread with the best.


Temperatures fluctuate across the year in Australia, and Melbourne is no exception to this rule. This means that when organising a catering menu, function hosts need to be thinking about the temperature during the event. A Melbourne summer event is unlikely to be a massive success if very warm foods like soups are served alongside spitroast catering. In the same thread, winter events in Melbourne might leave their guests dissatisfied if their spitroast sides are all light salads. The menu of events held in warmer or colder seasons need to take into account that the changes in taste preferences during these times. This might mean adjusting the sides with your spitroast catering to include more soups, breads or salads, or looking carefully at the finger food offerings to ensure the finger foods are filling in winter, and light in summer.


Spitroast Catering That Considers It All

As a Melbourne event organiser, it’s important that you’re able to consider the way that weather can impact on the catering menu that you offer, but it’s even better if the catering you choose has considered this as well. When you choose a company like Victorian Golden Roast, you’re getting catering experts that know a menu is only as good as the weather it is served in. Their spitroast catering embraces seasonal extras in their sides and salads, and always ensures that they warm guests in winter and cool them in summer. The great thing about spitroast catering is that it is fantastic all year around, and totally adaptable to suit the weather. Pair a spitroast with a weather-appropriate finger food menu and you have catering that keeps guests happy from the start of the event until the final curtain.

Victorian Golden Roast have been among the best providers of spitroast catering in Melbourne for years. Their spitroast use the highest quality local ingredients and meats, and their spitroast menu offers exceptional variety and value. They also offer fantastic finger food options to suit any event length, style and taste. For catering in Melbourne, you can’t go past Victorian Golden Roast, so get in touch with them today and ensure your next event is a grand success, regardless of the weather!