Finger Food or Feast? Choosing the Right Catering Style for Your Next Event

You have an important corporate function planned, and you want it to look, sound and taste perfect. After all, you have to impress partners, vendors and investors, not to mention employees. So you’ve gone out and found the ideal venue, the appropriate decor and t he perfect music. Now you just have to find the right food to serve your guests.

However, as you now know, you have thousands of catering options to choose from, and the wrong choice could completely ruin yo ur event. Not only do you have to choose a caterer, but you have to choose a catering style as well.

Below, we’ll help you decide if your event needs finger food, a simple meal or a huge feast.

Option 1: Finger Food

The type of food you choose depends on the kind of function you want to host. Do you want everyone to move freely about as the y converse? Do you want to make everything seem less constructed and formal?

If you want your function to seem more like a friendly, mingling affair, consider finger food catering. This option gives guests the op tion to choose whatever treats and snacks they want in the quantity they desire. Finger food also keeps the dining element of your event lighter, so you can keep the focus on other facets, like a presentation, conference or awards ceremony.

However, this doesn’t mean that your guests shouldn’t praise and eulogise your food. Cater with a company that’ll bring you gourm et options, like quiche, spinach puffs, dim sims, Italian bruschetta, tarts, mini mignons and even sushi. These options will help you look s ophisticated without undermining your event’s friendly, less formal air.

Option 2: Traditional Meal

With traditional meals, you give your guests an exceptional culinary experience without overwhelming them. Like finger food, traditi onal meals allow you to impress your guests, but they don’t put the primary focus on the food. Guests sit down in a formal setting, but t hey know to expect other things on the agenda. They probably won’t expect a party, but they will expect you to address company busin ess at some point.

A traditional meal works for any corporate event, but it creates the most formal atmosphere. Make sure you want this kind of atmos phere before you choose this option.

Option 3: Decadent Feast

So far, we’ve talked about dining options that won’t overwhelm your guests. But what if you do want to completely overpower their taste buds and give them a feast that will burn and glimmer in their imaginations for years? This catering option may make your event l ess formal than others, but it will skyrocket past your guest’s expectations.

A feast shows your guests your fun side. It also shows them your generosity-and if you exhibit generosity, then you look successful. People will feel more inclined to trust your company with partnerships and joint ventures. They’ll feel more confident about buying from and selling to your company as well.

As for your employees, they’ll feel like you truly appreciate them. After all, you just spent a pretty sum to feed them at your event.< /p>

The Importance of Choosing the Right Caterer

Now that you know which type of catering style fits your event best, you have to think about choosing your caterer. It doesn’t matt er what type of food you choose if you hire the wrong caterer. Make sure you choose one with a reputation of excellence. They should g et their ingredients from the highest-quality sources, and they should prepare their food in a way that makes your mouth water.