8 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Event for Rain

Outdoor events offer quite a few benefits. You can have beautiful scenic backdrops even if you don’t put up many decorations. You also never have to worry about an event feeling too claustrophobic or stuffy. However, outdoor events also come with unpredictability—specifically regarding the weather.

You can’t always predict when bad weather will strike, especially in places like Victoria that receive substantial rainfall. But to ensure the success of your outdoor event, you’ll need to be prepared for wet weather. Use these tips to make sure you have everything covered.

1) Watch Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts can’t issue perfect predictions. Sometimes the meteorologist will foresee clear skies, but rain will come anyway. Other times, you think it’s going to storm, and the sun keeps shining.

But even if these estimates aren’t always accurate, the weather forecast can let you know how much you need to prepare. If there’s a good chance of rain, you’ll want to use all the precautions below. If you feel confident the weather will stay clear, just take care of the essential backups.

2) Have marquee on Hand

Marquees can serve a variety of purposes. In the sun, they’ll provide shade for your guests, and if rain falls, your guests can take shelter. However, even if you’re not worried about damp guests, you probably don’t want your food to get soaked. Set up tents or keep them available for your caterer to ensure your hors d’oeuvres stay fresh.

3) Offer Umbrellas

When you think rain, umbrellas seem like the most obvious solution. However, these devices can restrict social interaction and affect your party’s mood, so don’t rely on them as your only rain protection. If you also have marquees , then guests will have a better form of shelter anyway. Keep several umbrellas on hand as a backup option for moments when people need to move between buildings or shelters.

4) Put Floor Mats Indoors

If you have a party in someone’s backyard or located near an indoor venue, you might focus so much on outside accommodations you forget about inside. However, if people are going in and out of a main building, they’ll track mud and dirt all over the floors. Lay down some extra floor mats and coverings to absorb water and muck from the rain.

5) Provide Light Blankets

Even if you have marquees and umbrellas, rain can sometimes bring a chill. Keep some light blankets on hand to hand out to guests if they look cold. Even if they stay dry, they won’t have a good time at your party if they feel as if they’re freezing.

6) Consider Wind Blockers

Another thing that often comes with rain is wind. Consider having some wind blockers at the ready, both to help your guests preserve their clothes and hairstyles and to help control the temperature. A breeze will make people feel colder.

7) Check Your Lighting

If it rains, surfaces—including lawns and pavements—will be wet and slippery. Make sure you have adequate lighting so guests can avoid puddles and stay cautious around wet surfaces. In general, bad weather can also obscure vision, so guests will need extra light to see clearly.

8) Keep Wood Chips on Hand

For the same reason you need to have adequate lighting at your outdoor event, you need to keep wood chips or hay on hand. When lawns get muddy and slippery, they present a falling hazard to your guests. You can increase the friction if you cover the area with wood chips, hay or other dry substances.

You don’t have to let rain prevent you from holding spectacular outdoor events. Prepare in advance, and your party will be ready for precipitation.