4 Advantages of Hiring Wait Staff for an Event

When you plan an event, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate conference, you have a lot to consider. You have to arrange for a venue, decorations and refreshments. As the event gets closer, you may start to look for any way to take a little of the burden off your back.

Unfortunately, many amateur event planners overlook one of the easiest ways to simplify and sophisticate a special occasion: hiring professional wait staff.

In this blog, we talk about four of the most common benefits of working with wait staff through a catering company or third party event staffing company.

1. Delegated responsibilities

As stated above, you have plenty to do when you plan a large event. You wouldn’t try to try to create all the costumes for a professional production by yourself (unless you work as a professional costumer), much less all the sets and makeup, so why would you try to organise the food, venue, entertainment and service at your event alone?

When you hire wait staff, especially staff affiliated with a catering company, you leave some of the responsibilities to them, including:

  • Bar service
  • Food purchasing
  • Food preparation
  • Post-event clean-up
  • Prompt food service

Providing silverware and serving dishes
Unless you have experience as a chef and a wait staff already in your employ, a third party wait staff can be an important ally.

2. Elegance and sophistication

While casual dinners don’t necessarily require servers, formal dinners and professional events need atmosphere and service that make them feel elegant and sophisticated.

Most wait staff have professional training and come to your event dressed in classy, matching uniforms. The wait staff’s training lends significance to your feast, and the uniform ensures that your guests always know who to ask for another drink, hors d’oeuvre or helping.

For weddings, important birthdays and momentous corporate conventions, it only makes sense to have a professional presence when it comes to food service.

3. Food safety measures

You may spend a little less money if you have a family member or friend provide the food for your event. But when you choose an amateur food provider, you cannot guarantee the safety of the food or the safety measures taken by any servers.

Wait staff receive special training for handling, serving and cooking any food. These professionals must renew their food handling certificate regularly. When you hire wait staff, you always know that you’re providing food that’s up to local regulations. This not only protects your guests, but it also decreases the chance of legal repercussions, which we’ll discuss further in the next section.

4. Liability coverage

Professional caterers and wait staff must maintain licensure and certifications in accordance with local laws. This liability protection can help if a guest receives contaminated food, contracts food poisoning or has a negative reaction to a specific ingredient.

Additionally, having professional wait staff decreases the risk that you will be held legally responsible for slips and falls, spills or other mishaps that could cause inconvenience, property damage or even injury. To fully understand your liability responsibility, talk to your catering company or chosen wait staff team.

Think professional wait staff could improve the atmosphere, ease or scheduling of your next event? Talk to your catering company. Many catering companies offer well-trained wait staff in uniform for catered events. If your catering company doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, contact a third party agency that specialises in temporary wait staff.

Hire wait staff personnel to ensure that you and your guests have a relaxing, memorable experience at your next corporate, private or celebratory event.