Who are the Best Spit Roast Caterers in Melbourne?

We hate to tell you, but not all spit roast meats are created equal. Neither are the caterers who provide them. Spit roast catering is incredibly popular for events of all shapes and sizes, but there’s a big difference between the best and worst on the market. From Christmas lunches through to large-scale weddings, everybody loves being treated to a buffet of sumptuous spit roast meats, but how do you ensure you’re getting a quality product? Let’s have a look at how to find the best spit roast catering Melbourne has to offer. 


The Best Spit Roast Catering Menu Options

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Having too much to choose from can sometimes be a hassle, but not when it comes to spit roast catering. In fact, it’s one of the main things you should look for in spit roast caterers.


Firstly, you want a range of options in terms of price. You may be happy with a delicious value range including the basics like pork, beef, chicken, lamb and your standard sides. But if you want to splash out for a gourmet selection, you should be able to. Make sure your spit roast caterers provide a range of options to suit your budget and needs. 


Impress with Quality Spit Roast Meats in Melbourne

Food quality is probably the most important thing to consider when looking for Melbourne spit roast caterers. For example, our meats are sourced locally from regional Victoria. We choose only the finest MSA grade prime yearling beef, spit roast pig, tender lamb spit roast, succulent pork and La Ionica chicken. 


It goes without saying that we also don’t just put the meat on the rotisserie and wait. We’ve perfected our mouth-watering range of marinades, herbs, spices and cooking processes over 25 years. That’s how we know we’re delivering quality meats every time.


Be sure to check how your spit roast caterers go about their business before hiring. You want your guests to be impressed, not turned away!


Spit Roast Catering for Any Event

Some spit roast caterers in Melbourne will shy away from smaller events, or may not have the experience or capacity to service large scale functions. A quick look at a caterer’s website should give you an idea of what events they will service.


Ideally, if a spitroast caterer can handle big corporate functions, they should be able to service a smaller birthday party as well. The problem is, some catering services feel it isn’t worth their time to take on the smaller jobs. 


Ensure that you know the size of your event, the expected number of guests, and book accordingly.


Always Ask About Extras

Nowadays, people are looking for value in every purchase they make. It’s no different when it comes to spitroast caterers Melbourne. One place you need to check for extras is the menu. Many spit roast caterers will offer standard packages, but the good ones will have an array of optional extras you can add on.


The other area you may need extras is in the service itself. Do your caterers deliver? Do they provide crockery and cutlery? For larger events you may even need a fully staffed event.


The best spitroast caterers will be able to tailor their service for your individual needs. If they can’t, start looking elsewhere.


Contact Victorian Golden Roast Today!

If you want to impress your guests with the best spitroast catering Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Victorian Golden Roast. Once your guests taste the full flavour of our juicy, succulent meats, they’ll be talking about your event for years to come. Contact us today for the best spit roast catering in Melbourne.