Throwing A Party Last Minute

Feel like throwing a party at the last minute and don’t have enough time to worry about the venue and menu? If that is the case, then you do not have to be concerned about much, besides sending out the invitations and deciding whom to leave out of the guest list. Although searching for the right venue may be exhausting and selecting the right menu can be stressful, it does not have to be the case. Read further to find out how you can have your party and still have fun without stressing about every detail.


Although conventional wisdom dictates that one must have their budget, space requirements and event size well planned if its last minute then it can’t be helped. For a venue, few will be as ideal and better than your home, and if you have a sizeable yard, you can always hire a marquee tent. What is even better is this idea is more cost-effective and will allow you to hire security to watch the parked vehicles. However, if your home is not an option, then you will have to find a venue that is near where most of the guests’ homes or workplaces and has ample parking. It will reduce the risk of traffic, transportation and parking delaying proceedings.


Once you settle on a venue, the next point on your list is figuring out a menu. Because the party is last minute, none of your guests will be expecting gourmet food. An affordable yet classy menu option is finding finger food catering in Melbourne. Finger food gives you the option of providing food that is light yet has an abundance of options depending on the guests’ diet requirements. Not only can you purchase hot and cold selections, but these selections will include seafood, fresh fruit, mixed meats and cheese, and so much more.


Now that you understand how simple and easy it is to throw a party at the last minute, you can start by contacting Victorian Golden Roast. They provide an excellent atmosphere in Melbourne no matter what kind of event you want to have. There is also the best finger food or gourmet finger food catering. For help with your menu, contact Victorian Golden Roast today.