Things To Consider When Choosing A Catering Company

So, you have been tasked with the responsibility of putting together an elaborate wedding reception or a formal corporate party. You are excited and relish the opportunity to show off your creative flair, it quickly dawns on that organising your event is a challenging uphill battle.

Organising an event is an exhilaratingly exciting, yet overwhelmingly stressful process. However, should your event be successful it sheds light on your skills and capabilities in organising and coordinating everything. There are numerous factors to consider to make your event a success, from the flow of the program, theme and the guest list. 

You may be a jack of many trades, but if you are not the master of event catering, chances you are looking to hire an event caterer. With so many catering companies in Melbourne, choosing one can be overtly overwhelming, below are factors you need to consider before hiring one;

1) Budget

You will need to define your budget before looking for a caterer. Another significant budgetary decision is the caterer you will hire, as this decision will influence how much money you have to use on other things needed for your event. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that catering companies in Melbourne dramatically vary in their pricing, including the meals and services they offer. Hiring the cheapest will save you money, but it will not give you the best result. Professional catering companies in Melbourne will provide you with a quotation that is itemised, and it includes all you need for a smooth-running event.

2) Do Your Research

No amount of fancy advertising and marketing can replace a good word of mouth recommendation from someone you know and trust. If you have already hired a venue, ask the management to recommend the best catering companies in Melbourne they have worked with before. 

Organise a tasting, catering companies in Melbourne who cater for large events will provide a sample tasting of the food they will prepare for your event. 

3) Know Your Options

Catering companies in Melbourne not only vary in their prices, but they also vary in the services and options they offer. As such, excellent food should be complemented with good service. 

Thus, you will need to ensure that the catering company you opt for has adequate staff to service your event. Keep in mind that the size and nature of your factor will determine the amount of staff that is needed.

4) Insurance and Licensing

One of the things that is always overlooked when planning an event is insurance and licensing. It is essential you ensure that the catering company you hire has current insurance, health department and liquor licensing accreditations.

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