Four Wedding Catering Ideas To Charm Your Guests

So you have decided to take that ultimate leap of faith, walk down the aisle and marry that one person that sets your soul on fire. It is exhilaratingly exciting daydreaming about how you want your special day, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling that your world is your oyster.

However, planning an entire wedding is no child’s play, but that does not mean it has to be like your grandmother’s wedding, especially when it comes to wedding catering and the food. It is the 21st century, and you do not have to ‘break bread’ the boring and bland traditional way with a server and three-course sit-down meal.

Food, particularly the sharing of it, viscerally helps us in connecting with other people, build new relationships and also congeal old and everlasting bonds. Below is a list of wedding catering ideas guaranteed to make your wedding a memorable, charming and deliciously satisfying one;

1) Manageable Hors-D’oeuvres

Nothing can compare to the mingling between guests that occurs during cocktail hour. It is a relaxing atmosphere but peculiarly jittery with a kind of hunger as guests wait for the programme to commence.

What you want is for your guests to feel sophisticated, and remain clean, regardless of where you have placed the cocktail hour. You will then need to avoid hors-d’oeuvres that need to be devoured using bare hands, but that does not mean boring your guests with limited or unappetising options.

2) A Refreshing Beverage Station

When thinking of wedding catering, the ceremony is not one of the first things that jump to mind. However, it is a good idea to keep the refreshments chugging if you are hosting your wedding outside during one of those warm months, keeping your loved one hydrated.

In every aspect of your wedding, attention to detail is crucial, and the manner your guests are served drinks is no exception. To make your beverages unique, you can tailor them to your culture or hometown. The aim is to keep them light and refreshing to your guests are not too satisfied when the day is just beginning.

3) An Effortless Cocktail-Style Dinner

One of the best options to opt for is a cocktail-style wedding dinner as it is customizable and varied according to your preference. It can save you a few pennies as there is no need for dining tables and chairs.

It is essential to let your guests know what to expect if you are choosing this option and also to have enough hors-d’oeuvres, so every guest is satisfied.

4) Playful Grab-And-Go Dessert Stations

Dessert does not have to end at the wedding cake. Grab-and-go desserts are an excellent option as you can make them elaborate, artistic and creative as much as you want. For an extra special spin to dessert, you can tailor your selection of desserts to your culture or heritage.

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