Four Essential Tips To Help You Create A Custom Catering Menu

Catering is the most competitive cut-throat industry, with a significant number of caterers at loggerheads with each other competing for a big slice of the pie for themselves.

It is an industry thriving on crafting a one-of-a-kind, custom experiences to bring a client’s dream to reality. Standing out from a myriad of caterers means you will have to make an irresistibly scrumptious catering menu together with a service that is a cut above the rest.

However, creating the perfect menu that will leave your guests licking their fingers and raving about your food for months is no easy task. We have compiled some essential tips to help you create a one-of-a-kind custom catering menu;

1) Ask The Right Questions.

The initial consultation with your clients is the first step in creating a once in a lifetime custom catering menu. Only understanding their food preferences and dietary restrictions is not sufficient, it is crucial to have a full understanding of the vision they have for their event.

You will need to ask them what their theme is? What do they like or dislike? Do they have a specific way they want their food displayed? Moreover, the crucial part of this discussion is knowing their budget.

It is recommended asking for this information before the consultation. Doing this will ensure the discussion will be focused only on the fantastic food you will be cooking rather than the cost.

2) Quickly Develop Your Proposal

Soon after your consultation with your client, it will best to have a proposal sent to them in less than 24 hours. It will show them that you are serious about their event and also assuring them you are professional and reliable throughout the planning and execution of the event.

Your proposal should include the preliminary custom catering menu, a projected budget including a contract your potential client can have a look at, sign, and immediately book your services.

3) Listen

When your proposed custom catering menu is ready, it will be the perfect time to take into consideration your client’s thoughts on the food. They may not like a particular spice, or your attempt to impress them with hors d’oeuvre did not go as planned, but your dessert was out of this world they want everyone to have it.

It is essential to take notes on everything from the amount of salt and spice used to their facial expressions so that you have an idea of the adjustments you have to make before the event.

4) Go Above And Beyond

A truly authentic custom experience can only be achieved when you go the extra mile to exceed your client’s expectations. Thus, this means doing something that you think is insignificant and not a big deal but will linger in your client’s memory for a long time.

Your menu and offering extra gifts has little to do with ensuring you are going above and beyond your client’s expectations. It has more to do with your team engaged in interactions with the client and their guests.

Are you in need of a custom catering menu that accentuates the vision of your event? With a highly talented team, Victoria Golden Roast has the expertise to craft a menu that will make your event a big success. Contact us today. 


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