Five Essential Lunch Catering Tips

One of the saddest things at work, other than not getting a salary increase, is saying goodbye to a colleague who has decided to pursue greener pastures elsewhere. While reminiscing about the good times you shared with them, you are approached by your boss to take care of the lunch catering for the farewell party. 

A farewell party is a perfect platform to leave a lasting impression on your colleague and show them they are valued and appreciated, while also showing off your repertoire of skills. From dishes to cakes to drinks, it can be a daunting responsibility putting together a lunch catering menu with little or no margins for error. 

We have compiled a list of our top lunch catering tips to help take out the stress in putting together a scrumptious menu; 

1) Keep It Simple

Opting for a big three-course sit-down meal with a variety of options can be challenging to put together in regards to logistics. Instead make the farewell a cocktail style, platters or finger foods as this will ensure the entire team is well fed, and speeches can continue without interruptions. 

Keep in mind that opting for a simple farewell lunch catering menu does mean ‘bland’. You will need food that is fresh, easy to serve and eat and also great on the eye. 

2) Box It, Wrap It And Serve It

After you have figured out the type of food you will be serving, the next thing to consider is how you will be serving your food. It is advisable to avoid sophisticated cutlery or a variety of plated options. 

Individually served gourmet sandwiches, bagels, baguettes or wraps, for example, can either be served up using a platter and centre table style ensuring a seamless easy to grab lunch option. If you feel like flexing your creativity, you can offer fillings while efficiently catering to different dietary requirements. 

3) A Little Goes A Long Way

A refreshing change could be giving your guests some freedom over what they can eat, thus increasing their receptiveness and feelings of satisfaction. You can ask for their input before you plan the lunch catering menu or offer a variety of food options that your guests can pick and choose what they want. It will help in keeping things streamlined and convenient. 

4) Get The Cake

Do not bother buying a cake from the store, instead get the professionals to whip up something for you. A customised cake allows you to add a personalised touch that directly speaks to your colleague, making it special and memorable.  

5) Do Not Forget The Dessert

Last but not least, do not forget everyone’s favourite dessert. Keep it simple too. The best options are platters of sweet pastries, sugar cones with gourmet ice cream flavours or an assortment of cakes that everyone can slice and eat. 

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