Errors To Avoid When Spit Roasting A Hog

For many, having guests come over to the house and entertaining them for hours is an exciting prospect. From preparing the games and fun activities to preparing the snacks and meal, others like to play host and take on the nurturing role. However, preparing a meal along with ingredients and tools can be a time-consuming task. An easy meal to make to feed guests would be a spit roast pig, that is less daunting and causal but still gives off a theatrical vibe. However, there are plenty of common mistakes when pig roasting, so we have compiled a shortlist on what not to do:

Not Finding The Right Time

The first mistake to avoid is making sure that you have ordered a hog and the right one at that. You can order one from your local butchery or your nearest farm that you trust ahead of schedule. It is to avoid any delays as the pig still needs to be slaughtered and shipped to the customer, and will usually arrive frozen. Defrosting it could take a single day or up to three, so order ahead of the event date to circumvent any disappointment.

Adding Too Much Seasoning

A hog will have its natural flavours, especially from the fat, so selecting the right seasoning is vital. The right herbs and spices will either overpower the hog’s natural taste or find a balance. So, find herbs and spices that will complement and make the pig taste better. To marinate it, do so for about 24 hours before starting the fire so that the flavours and juices can penetrate the meat.

Forge Ahead Alone

There is a saying “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth” which means that too many hands are not conducive to completing a task. However, when it comes to spit roasting, employing the hands around you to assist with various tasks will make the process smoother. With a bit of pressure off your back to care for every little detail, you can find some time to enjoy yourself with loved ones while the hog is roasting.

An even easier alternative is ordering a spit roast pig that will melt in your mouth from Victorian Golden Roast. It is slow-cooked a low temperature for more than 10 hours and infused with marinades, herbs and spices, resulting in an aromatic, and juicy spit roast. Let the professionals take care of the food while you take care of the guests’ wellbeing and entertainment. What is even better is that there will be one less item on the agenda to worry about. For more information on our spit roasts, visit our website and browse through the fantastic deals on offer or call us to make a booking.