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Gourmet BBQ Sauce Recipe

A delicious BBQ sauce is the perfect partner to BBQ’d meat. How do you like your bbq sauce? Southern style? Texas inspired? Thai flavoured? Or with a touch of tequila? There are so many options to discover, whether it’s smoky aromas, or with lots of molasses, sweet, spicy, tangy, bold or subtle. Luckily the Victorian … Continued

Glossary of Dietary Requirements For Catering

Dietary Restrictions Vegan: A person who does not consume any items derived from animals. Includes, eggs, dairy, honey, and stock made from a beef base. Ovo-Vegetarian:  Almost a vegan. But they still eat eggs. Ovo-Vegetarians eat mostly plants and no meat, fish or dairy products. Pescetarians – Does not eat meat. Eats a vegetarian diet but … Continued

Food Handling Hygiene Tips For Entertaining and Events

You want your BBQ or Roast event to be remembered for all the right reasons so avoiding food contamination is crucial. Food Hygiene is important from go to whoa, from appetizers to desert, from breakfast to dinner, during preparation and cooking, and concerns your cooking equipment, bench tops, utensils such as pans, knives and stirring … Continued

How To Prevent Food Poisoning At Your Party

Do you think that ‘Food Safety’ is just for commercial food handlers and germ and hygiene freaks? Or does the idea of preparing food and hosting an event make you break out into a sweat at the thought of a food poisoning fiasco with your family and friends? Food Safety and hygiene for entertaining and … Continued