A Variety Of The Best Finger Foods You Can Serve At Your Wedding Reception

You and your fiancé have been planning your special day for months, if not years, and have spent lots of money making sure everything is perfectly in order. After lots of sleepless nights, you have figured out the best way to organise your seating chart and decided on the best DJ; the day has finally arrived.

Your guests woke up long before the rooster crowed, wore their glamorous Hollywood inspired outfits and have travelled far beyond, and now they are here, hungry. Choosing the best reception food is an overwhelming experience.

You will need to strike a balance between easy-to-eat food that will not befuddle from friendly greetings and appetisers that are deliciously enjoyable. We have compiled a list of a variety of finger food catering ideas in Melbourne you can serve at your wedding reception;

1) Strawberry Bruschetta

Some soon-to-be newlyweds like to push boundaries and explore wedding food trends, while others opt for a unique take. All you need to do, sometimes, is to add a little twist to a well-liked food to have an outstandingly delectable wedding menu.

You should ask your finger food catering company in Melbourne if they can prepare Strawberry Bruschetta. It is a combination of fruit, cheese and tomatoes that creates an unbelievable citrus savoury flavour your guest will never forget.

2) Mini Quiches

One of the best methods in satisfying your guests is for your finger food catering company in Melbourne to combine special and unique foods they will remember, including familiar foods. You can never go wrong with choosing a simple finger food such as mini quiches that your guests will love.

3) Individual Shrimp Cocktails

Most weddings, traditionally, have a subtle theme that ties everything together from the flowers, tablecloth and decoration. A good finger food catering company in Melbourne will offer a variety of bite-sized foods that also add to the overall theme of the wedding.

One of these perfect finger foods is individual shrimp cocktails that add a touch of class to any wedding.

4) Stuffed Celery

Choosing a menu for guests that have strict eating habits is extremely difficult, though not every food served will be eaten, but you still want them to have something to snack on. You can opt to serve stuffed celery that is a simple and healthy snack made from dairy products or dairy alternatives.

Victorian Golden Roast is a renowned finger food catering company known for serving delectably delicious foods that satisfies every unique taste. Call us and let’s discuss how we can tantalise your guests’ taste buds.